Reducing Red Autofluorescence - SF40005Reducing Green Autofluorescence - SF40005

Autofluorescence is a major obstacle to using immunofluorescence detection in cells and tissues. There are two major sources of autofluorescence:

  • Native - Caused by such substances as porphyrins, flavins, and lipofuscins
  • Fixation-induced - Caused by formation of fluorescent substances as a result of interaction between aldehyde fixatives with amines
Autofluorescence, regardless of origin, will obscure specific fluorescent signal when using primary and secondary antibodies conjugated to fluorescent probes. 

FluoMute ready-to-use reagent reduces autofluorescence in cells and tissues, that is simple to add to your immunofluorescence ICC and/or IHC protocols. Treatment with FluoMute does not affect cell morphology and integrity of tissue antigens to be detected with primary antibodies. It is compatible with paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections, stem cells, lymphocytes and mammalian cells lines of different origin. 


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FluoMuteSF40005Blocking ReagentFluoro-Imaging100 ml$89