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... Culture and regeneration analysis of human axons. NP1 human neural precursors were purchased from Neuromics (Minnesota, USA) and passaged up to 8 times before generation of neurons. Cells were used up until passage 10 after defrosting the purchased neural ...

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...Standard immunocyto-fluorescence was performed. hNPCs grown on coated glass-coverslips (80% confluence) were fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde (Electron Microscopy Sciences) in PBS for 10 minutes at room temperature, rinsed twice with PBS and then permeabilized with 0.2% TritonX-100 diluted in PBS for 5–7 min. Primary antibodies used were directed against Nestin (a neural stem marker; 1:450; Neuromics), SINV-NSP (a SINV antigen, 1:100,Eptomics), active-caspase 3 (1:500; Cell signaling), and β-tubulin (cytoskeleton marker, 1:200, Abcam). Secondary antibodies were anti-rabbit/mouse Alexa Fluor 488 and anti-rabbit/mouse Alexa Fluor 594 (1:2000–4000; Molecular Probes-Invitrogen Life Technologies). Fluorescence images were acquired on a Zeiss Axioplan epifluorescence wide-field microscope and processed with AxioVision software. For each condition within the same experiment, at least 3 fields were analyzed. For image quantification, at least three fields in the same experiment were analyzed...Western Blot analysis was performed on cell lysates of hNPCs, either mock infected or SINV infected, at 4, 12, 24, 36, and 48 hours post infection, using protocols described previously [23]. Primary antibodies used were anti-GAPDH (1:5000; Abcam), anti-NF-kB p65 (1:200; Santa Cruz); anti-phospho-STAT3 (1:200; Cell signaling), anti-phospho-IRF3 (1:1000; Eptomics); anti-Nestin (1:500; Neuromics); anti-neuro-filament M (NF-M; 1:500; Neuromics); anti-Tuj1 (1:1000; Abcam); anti-PCNA (1:1000, Santa Cruz) and anti-cleavedcaspase 3 (1:1000; Cell Signaling). For quantification of western blot, films of immunoblot were scanned with a flat-bed scanner, and digital images were imported and quantified using Image J software [24]. Then, the intensities of bands were compared according to their grayscale (http://www.lukemiller.org/journal/2007/08/quantifying-western-blotswithout.html).

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...Cell culture and oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) hNPCs were obtained from Neuromics...

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...hNP1, were obtained from Neuromics (Edina, Minnesota)...

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...mouse nonoclonal anti nestin (neuromics), mouse monoclonal anti tuj-1 (neuromics)...

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...Cultures of human neural progenitors were maintained in culture following the supplier's protocol (HNP1, Neuromics, Edina, MN). Briefly, immediately after thawing, cells (4×104 cells/well) were seeded and grown in 96-well plate coated by poly-L lysine in Neurobasal media (GIBCO, CA) containing 2 mM L-glutamine, 2% B27 (GIBCO, CA) and 50 U/ml penicillin and streptomycin for 4 days at 37°C in humidified atmosphere containing 5% CO2. Human bone marrow cells or human CD34+ cells (All Cells, Inc.) were cultured in 96 well plates (5×104/well) containing 100 µL of complete medium (RPMI 1640 medium supplemented with 5% FCS). These cells were treated for 72 hours with spirulina at a wide range of doses (15 ng/mL to 500 ng/mL) or NT-020 (proprietary blend of blueberry (500 ng/ml), green tea (500 ng/ml), vitamin D3 as 25-hydroxycholcalciferol (5 uM) and carnosine (20 uM)) the previously published effective concentration [14]. Human recombinant TNFα 20 ng/ml (R&D Systems) was added to human neural cell cultures at the same time as the other treatments...

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Neuromics Markers Referenced:

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Tuj 1 (Neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin)