Petaka Cell Culturing Systems

Hypoxic chambers and bioreactors have different qualities and limitations. In terms of biological limitations, simple 2D cell cultures, without scaffolds or matrixes, lack extensive intercellular surface contacts, however all cells are exposed to the same oxygen tension and expectedly all show homogeneous adaptive responses to oxygen tension. This compromise both growth rates and behavior of the cultured stem cells.

Stem Cell Spheriods and Oxgen Percentages and Tensions

Old cell culture standards overlooked the excess of Oxygen delivered to the cells, cultured in media exposed to regular 21% Oxygen atmosphere. We now understand that many research results obtained with classic cell culture standards (21% O2 and 5% CO2) are suboptimal. In vivo like stem cell cultures require knowing the physiologic oxygen in the tissue/organs in which the stem cells reside. Using Petaka Solutions, it is easier to set the percentage of Oxygen in the incubator atmosphere mimicking in vitro the real tissue environment.


Hypoxia obtained with our Petaka Stem Cell Culturing Chambers provide a more accurate example of average cell physiology in any specific living tissue environment. The environmental Oxygen tension can be exactly set in these chambers and in a few hours the culture media of the cell culture devices dissolve the amount of oxygen that represents the physiologic environment, exposing all cultured cells to a homogeneous Oxygen tension. This level of control means better stem cell cultures at lower costs!