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Ready to Grow Human Schwann Cells

Schwann cells play important roles in the development, function, and regeneration of peripheral nerves. When an axon is dying, the Schwann cells surrounding it aid in its digestion, leaving an empty channel formed by successive Schwann cells, through which a new axon may then grow from a severed end. The number of Schwann cells in peripheral nerves is tightly regulated. Their proliferation in vitro can be stimulated by various growth factors including PDGF, FGF, neuregulin, and others. Schwann cells provide a relatively simple, well-defined, and accessible mammalian model for the study of a number of developmental questions. It is also of particular clinical importance to understand the biology of Schwann cells, not only in the context of neuropathies and nerve regeneration, but also because the cells or their precursors may be especially well suited for implants to facilitate repair in the CNS.

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Human Schwann CellsHMP303Primary CellsHCell Assays500,000 Cells - Frozen$869
Schwann Growth MediumSGM001Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays500 ml$149