Save Valuable Lab Time!

Kits include enough plated neurons plus media to keep cells healthy for 30+ days.

The only thing you have to do is exchange media with our potent NbActiv4 and contiune refreshing with 1/2 new + existing media every 2-4 days and you have a neuron culture that will survive 30+ days. Neurons are seeded at 16,000 cells / cm² (approximately 400,000 cells per 25 cm² Culture Flask)

Image: E18 Primary Rat  Hippocampal Neurons  fixed and immunostained with Tua/MAPT+.  The cells were also stained in green with our monoclonal antibody to Ubiquitin C-terminal Hydrolase 1 (UCHL1).  Since the perikarya contain both UCHL1 and Tau, the red and green signals superimpose, giving a yellow color, while the processes, which contain relatively much more tau, appear red. Blue stain is DAPI and reveals cell nuclei of some non neuronal cells in these cultures. Protocol on Data-sheet.

Excellent for fluorescent microscopy, transfection, pharmacology, physiology, toxicology experiments, as well as protein expression by Western Blot, and mRNA expression by qPCR.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Cortical Neurons Kit-Rat-1 FlaskPC35117-1Cells+Media KitRCell Assays400,000 cells in 1 Flask$399
Cortical Neurons Kit-Rat-2 FlasksPC35117-2Cells+Media KitRCell Assays800,000 cells in 2 Flasks$459
Cortical Neurons Kit-Rat-3 FlasksPC35117-3Cells+Media KitRCell Assays1,200,000 cells in 3 Flasks$499
Hippocampal Neurons Kit-Rat-1 FlaskPC35116-1Cells+Media KitRCell Assays400,000 cells in 1 Flask$399
Hippocampal Neurons Kit-Rat-2 FlasksPC35116-2Cells+Media KitRCell Assays400,000 cells in 1 Flask$459
Cortical Astroglia KitPC35131-1Cells+Media KitRCell Assays1 T25 flask
2 T25 flask
3 T25 flasks