Peptoid or Peptide Array Process

We have been successfully partnering with RayBiotech in providing Testing and Research Lab ELISA Kits and Antibody Arrays. These have proven a cost effective way to detect from one to hundreds of proteins in a single sample.

Image: Peptoid Array-How They Work for Novel Ligands and Autoantibodies

We are pleased to introduce Peptoid Arrays. The RayBio® Peptoid Array consists of thousands of unique peptoid sequences spotted on a glass slide support. The peptoid array combines the diversity of the bead-based peptoid library with the simplicity and rapid processing of the glass chip array. In this format, 2000+ peptoids can be quickly screened for binding activity to biological targets of interest.

Peptoid Bound to Glass Slide

Inage: Peptoid Anchored to Glass Slide

Peptoids are synthetic biopolymers that are analogous to peptides, except that the side chains are attached to the nitrogen rather than to the alpha-carbon. Like proteins, peptoids can fold into higher-order structures. Peptoid sequences are selected randomly from a 10K-diversity peptoid library and spotted onto a 75 mm x 25 mm glass slide solid support.

Any combination of these molecules may be printed onto a custom array. A single glass slide can accommodate up to 2800 peptoid spots in duplicate. For more information on peptoid libraries, please click here.

NameCatalog #TypeApplicationsSizePrice
RayBio® 2800 Diversity Peptoid Array 7CODE: PA7-2800-2Glass Slide Peptoid Array2800 Peptoids-2 Slides$2,220
RayBio® 5600 Diversity Peptoid Array 7CODE: PA7-5600-2Glass Slide Peptoid Array5600 Peptoids-2 Slides$3,560
RayBio® 8400 Diversity Peptoid Array 7CODE: PA7-8400-2Glass Slide Peptoid Array8400 Peptoids-2 Slides$4,980