Highly Pure Population of hPSC Derived Neurons

The NeuroNet™ Pure Human Neurons are a highly pure population of hPSC derived neurons developed with versatility in mind. As a standalone model for studies of cellular and molecular neurobiology, drug discovery and neurotoxicity. NeuroNet™ Human Neurons enable rapid response in a relevant in vitro culture model system and have been strategically designed for co-planer cellular model studies with hAstroPro Human Astrocytes.

Image: NeuroNet™ Pure Human Neurons <48 hours post thaw and stained with Tuj1 and DAPI (Blue).

NeuroNet™ Pure Human Neurons can be cultured in an adherent 96-well format with ArunA’s proprietary culture medium and neural supplement and can be maintained in culture for longitudinal studies during which time NeuroNet cells have demonstrated extensive neurite outgrowth and synapse formation.

NeuroNet™ Pure Human Neurons are derived from WA09 human embryonic stem cells by ArunA Biomedical using a proprietary process under defined feeder-free & serum-free conditions. The cells are >95% β-III tubulin positive, >98% MAP2 positive, and free of hPSC. These differentiated neurons are cryopreserved for ready, convenient use.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
NeuroNet Pure Human Neurons Discovery KitNN60001Primary NeuronsHCell Assays1,000,000 Cells$569
NeuroNet Pure Human Neurons Screening KitNN60002Primary NeuronsHCell Assays4,000,000 Cells$1,465
NeuroNet™ Human Neurons Culture MediaM60100Cell Growth MediaH500 ml & 2X5 ml$225