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Type: Kit
Applications: E
E=ELISA; FACS; FC=Flow Cytometry; FPLC=Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography; GF=Gravity Flow; HPLC=High Performance Liquid Chromatography; ICC=Immunocytochemistry; IF=Immunofluorescence; IHC=Immunohistochemistry; IP=Immunoprecipitation; NAC=Non-adherent Cell Assays; NB=Neutralization of Bioactivity; SE=Sandwich ELISA; TPE=Targeted Protein Expression; WB=Western blotting; ; AC=Adherent Cell Assays; FM=Fluorescent Micsroscopy; ; ; BSC-CM5= Biacore Sensor Chip CM5; BSM=Biosactive Small Molecule or Peptide; CDM=Cell Differentiation Media; ; ; ; ; ; Health and Fitness; ; ; DNA Extraction/Purification; ; In vivo Like Assays
Species Reactivity: B; Ca; H; M; P; R
B=Bovine; Ca=Cat; Ch=Chicken; D=Dog; EQ=Equine; GP=Guinea Pig; H=Human; M=Mouse; P=Porcine; Pr=Primate; R=Rat; Rb=Rabbit; Y=Yeast; Xe=Xenopus; Ze=Zebrafish; ; ; ; NA-Not Applicable; STP=Step-Tactin Proteins; All

ELISA kit for sensitive detection of Phosphorylated Neurofilament-H (pNF-H). Expression of this protein is up regulated in a variety of damage and disease states, and can be used to accurately quantify this up regulation. The kit can also detect pNF-H in the sera and spinal cord fluid (CSF) of animals with spinal cord and brain lesions. This protein is not normally found in sera or CSF, so its presence indicates recent axonal injury as a result of either damage or disease. This suggests pNF-H is a useful biomarker of neuronal and more specifically axonal injury or degeneration, a suggestion supported by a growing list of basic science publications referencing use of this kit. (e.g. Shaw et al. 2005, Lewis et al. 2008, Boylan et al. 2009, Lewis et al. 2010

Image: Fig. 2. Prototype ELISA characterization. (A) Standard curves obtained with 1:1 serial dilutions of pure pNF-H, starting at 50 ng/ml, applied to ELISA plates coated with optimized concentrations of AP-CPCA-NF-H, and binding of pNF-H detected with AP-RPCA-NF-H. Data show average of 16 determinations, and error bars show one standard deviation. (B) Shows normalized data for one hour development time, and the inset shows the data obtained at very low levels of pNF-H. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 336 (2005) 1268–1277.

Kit Components:
  • 96 well plate coated with the chicken antibody which has been blocked and so is ready to use.-he plate can be separated into 8 12 well strips.
  • NF-H detection antibody and a pure pNF-H standard.
  • Goat anti-rabbit alkaline phosphatase conjugate, p-Nitrophenol phosphatase substrate and buffer concentrates.
  • Detailed Protocol.