Cell Based Assays-Arrays-Therapies

We continue to make strides in adding new capabilities to our Cell Based Assay and Quantibody® Array solutions. As an example, here's a stem cell tox study using different levels of cobalt.


Images: Dose-Response curve for Co++ toxicity to Hoechst-stained hMSCs (UCB Derived catalog number SC00A1-HC). The bar graph on the lower right shows cell counts verses [Co++] at 24, 48 & 72 hours exposure to Co++. Results at 144 hours showed massive cell death. The initial increase in cell counts at low concentration may reflect the well-known activation of HIFs by Co++. Counts were determined by Hoechst-stained MSCs and simultaneous propidium iodide staining shows increasing numbers of permeable (presumably dead) cells at 24, 48 & 72 hours post-Co++ during exposure to 10% DMSO. Images acquired on Biotek Cytation 3 imaging system.

We provide potents cells for cell selection, tox, migration or differentiation studies or we will do assays to your specifications.  These include testing the impact of small molecules and compounds for drug discovery. If you have interest in learning more about our capabilties e-mail or call me: pshuster@neuromics.com or 612-801-1007.

Cell Based Assays-Arrays-Therapies

Array Data

We have been running arrays using blood serum from patients with autoimmune related disorders. These will enable us to test the efficacy of stem cell related treatment regimes. We are working with clinics to help us determine best treatment and testing protocols.


Figures: Quantibody Array measuring select cytokines in the blood serum of patients with Autoimmune Diseases.

We believe this level of quantification is needed to assess how well a treatment is working. We will be keeping you posted.

Here's to new discoveries!
Pete Shuster-