We would like to wish our customers, collaborators and friends a healthy and prosperous 2017.

We kick off the new year with special pricing on FBSonly 314 USD/500 ml. Our FBS is 9CFR-tested, meeting FDA and USDA requirements.  Certificate of Analysis.

If you are not 100% satsified, we have a "no questions asked" refund policy. 

Bottled FBS
3-D Tissue Like Models in 2017
This month we feature our 3-D BBB Model. Next month we will be rolling out our 3-D Pancreatic Model.
 BBB Model
It is currently being used to test penetration of compounds, small molecules, peptides and oligo across the barrier and migration into the brain side of the model. Here're related data
BBB Permeability
Need hard to find human cells? Please contact me directly pshuster@neuromics.com or 612-801-1007. We can together determine your needs and desired outcomes and provide a statement of work with pricing, project milestones and delivery.

We wish you new and exciting discoveries.

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