Serum-Xeno Free vs Serum Containing Media

Our 100% Serum-Xeno Free Works as Well as Our Serum Containing Media

Selection of Growth and Differentaition media for Mesenechymal Stem Cell Assays is important for the ultimate performance of your cell based assays. The better the media the better the cutures & the lower your costs.

Images: Human mesenchymal stem cells (Catalog no. SC00A1) were plated at 5,000/cm² in a Falcon BD TC-coated T-25 flasks and maintained in serum containing media (Cat. No. SC00B1) and serum-free/xeno-free media (Cat. No. SC00B3) in reduced O2 environment (1% O2, 5% CO2, 90% N2) at 37°C in a humidified chamber. When cells became 80-90% confluent, they were subcultured, counted on a Beckermen Z2 particle counter (range 10-30uM), and passaged. Doubling time of 20-25hrs were calculated in each pass using ln(2*dT)/ln(Cf/Ci), where dT is the time, in hours, from inoculation to detachment; Ci is the initial number of cells plated and Cf is the final number of cells recovered from subculture. There were no apparent differences in doubling time with TC-coated flasks and Laminin/Fibronectin treated flasks.

Testimonial: “We tested the effects of MSCGroTM defined medium using several different lots of human adult primary stem cells and found that MSCGro supports a more robust proliferation rate than normal undefined media. This provided shorter doubling times and increased cellular yield, and maintained the cells in an undifferentiated state. We also found that MSCGro medium is stable under normal laboratory conditions for an extended time period compared to other defined media.” Ben Buehrer, VP and CSO, Zen-Bio

Capabilities Include:
  • MSCGroTM out-performs competitors media at both reduced (5%) & ambient oxygen tensions (20%).
  • MSCGroTM supports self-renewal of human, primate, rat & mouse MSCs
  • MSCGroTM medium supports various human & rat fibroblast cells together with other primary cells including cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes
  • MSCGroTM Differentiation Medium reliably induces production of chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts • Provided as a complete, ready to use medium.

Media is designed to work with our LUMENESC™ in vitro Cell Based Assays,  Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) and any other assays requiring the use of MSCs. Options include: Low serum Serum-free Humanized, containing human serum.

MSCGro™ Mesenchymal Stem Cell Media(jpg - 56Kb)
Comparison to Competitors Large Image
NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
MSCGro-Mesenchymal Stem Cell complete, LSSC00B1-500Cell Growth MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$175
MSCGro-Humanized Mesenchymal Stem Cell, completeSC00B2-500Cell Growth MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$220
MSCGro-Mesenchymal Stem Cell, complete, SFSC00B3-500Cell Growth MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$220
MSCGro-Humanized Mesenchymal Stem Cell Humanized, Serum-free MediumSC00B4-500Cell Growth MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$175
MSCGro-MSC Chondrogenic Differentiation, complete LSSC00B5-500Cell Growth MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$340
MSCGro-MSC Chondrogenic Differentiation, humanized LSSC00B6A-500Cell Growth MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$340
MSCGro-MSC Chondrogenic Differentiation, humanized SFSC00B6B-500Cell Growth MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$270
MSCGro-MSC Chondrogenic Differentiation, SFSC00B7-500Cell Growth MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$245
MSCGro-MSC Adipogenic Differentiation, LSSC00B8-500Cell Growth MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$190
MSCgro-MSC Adipogenic Differentiation, humanized, LSSC00B9A-500Cell Growth MediaMSC Cell Assays500 ml$230
MSCGro-MSCgro-MSC Adipogenic Differentiation, humanized, SFSC00B9B-500Cell Differentaition MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$170
MSCGro-Adipogenic Differentiation, SFSC00B10-500Cell Differentaition MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$250
MSCGro-Osteogenic Differentiation, LSSC00B11-500Cell Differentaition MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$290
MSCGro-Osteogenic Differentiation, humanized, LSSC00B12A-500Cell Differentaition MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$270
MSCGro-Osteogenic Differentiation, humanized, SFSC00B12B-500Cell Differentaition MediaHMSC Cell Assays500 ml$190
MSCGro-Osteogenic Differentiation, SFSC00B13-500Cell Differentaition MediaH; M; RMSC Cell Assays500 ml$290
Human Serum ABSC00B14-10Cell Differentaition MediaHMSC Cell Assays10 ml
100 ml