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Type: Rabbit IgG
Applications: IF; IHC; WB; E
E=ELISA; FACS; FC=Flow Cytometry; FPLC=Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography; GF=Gravity Flow; HPLC=High Performance Liquid Chromatography; ICC=Immunocytochemistry; IF=Immunofluorescence; IHC=Immunohistochemistry; IP=Immunoprecipitation; NAC=Non-adherent Cell Assays; NB=Neutralization of Bioactivity; SE=Sandwich ELISA; TPE=Targeted Protein Expression; WB=Western blotting; ; AC=Adherent Cell Assays; FM=Fluorescent Micsroscopy; ; ; BSC-CM5= Biacore Sensor Chip CM5; BSM=Biosactive Small Molecule or Peptide; CDM=Cell Differentiation Media; ; ; ; ; ; Health and Fitness; ; ; DNA Extraction/Purification; ; In vivo Like Assays
Species Reactivity: H; R
B=Bovine; Ca=Cat; Ch=Chicken; D=Dog; EQ=Equine; GP=Guinea Pig; H=Human; M=Mouse; P=Porcine; Pr=Primate; R=Rat; Rb=Rabbit; Y=Yeast; Xe=Xenopus; Ze=Zebrafish; ; ; ; NA-Not Applicable; STP=Step-Tactin Proteins; All
Format: Affinity Purified - liquid
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide containing amino acids 204-215 of Human PACRG protein.

PACRG (also known as Parkin coregulated gene protein and PARK2 coregulated) is a gene located very close to parkin, in reverse orientation on the chromosome. It is thought to be co-transcribed with parkin by a bi-directional promoter between the two genes. PACRG is expressed in all immune tissues, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils, leukocyte and bone marrow and is also expressed in heart, brain, skeletal muscle, kidney, lung and pancreas. PACRG is expressed in primary Schwann cells and very weakly by monocyte-derived macrophages, which are the primary host cells of Mycobacterium leprae, the causative agent of leprosy. Splice variants have been described for this protein.

Image: PACRG Staining of human colon: Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE).