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Type: Goat IgG
Applications: E; ICC; IHC
E=ELISA; FACS; FC=Flow Cytometry; FPLC=Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography; GF=Gravity Flow; HPLC=High Performance Liquid Chromatography; ICC=Immunocytochemistry; IF=Immunofluorescence; IHC=Immunohistochemistry; IP=Immunoprecipitation; NAC=Non-adherent Cell Assays; NB=Neutralization of Bioactivity; SE=Sandwich ELISA; TPE=Targeted Protein Expression; WB=Western blotting; ; AC=Adherent Cell Assays; FM=Fluorescent Micsroscopy; ; ; BSC-CM5= Biacore Sensor Chip CM5; BSM=Biosactive Small Molecule or Peptide; CDM=Cell Differentiation Media; ; ; ; ; ; Health and Fitness; ; ; DNA Extraction/Purification; ; In vivo Like Assays
Species Reactivity: M; R
B=Bovine; Ca=Cat; Ch=Chicken; D=Dog; EQ=Equine; GP=Guinea Pig; H=Human; M=Mouse; P=Porcine; Pr=Primate; R=Rat; Rb=Rabbit; Y=Yeast; Xe=Xenopus; Ze=Zebrafish; ; ; ; NA-Not Applicable; STP=Step-Tactin Proteins; All
Format: Affinity Purified - liquid
Immunogen: Recombinant mouse Agouti-Related Protein

Agouti-related Protein (AgRP), also known as the protein product of the agouti-related transcript (ART), is a neuropeptide and a functional antagonist of alpha-MSH on MC-3 and MC-4 receptors, both of which are implicated in obesity. AgRP shares sequence and structural homology with the Agouti protein and has similar expression patterns in both mouse and human.

It is also supsected to play a role in modulation of pain.

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Image:  Double-staining of Fos positive neurons with anti-AgRP in the DMH. Overview of doublestaining with anti-AgRP (A) and anti-Fos (B) in the DMH. Merge image of double-staining showed that Fos-ir positive neurons (green staining) were encircled in a network of AgRP-irpositive fibers (red staining) in the DMH (C). doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2008.01.054.