Most recent reviews estimate a prevalence of one to two cases per 1,000 people for autism, and about six per 1,000 for ASD, with ASD averaging a 4.3:1 male-to-female ratio. The number of people known to have autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s, at least partly due to changes in diagnostic practice; the question of whether actual prevalence has increased is unresolved.

Given a growing awareness, we predict that the funding for research will grow accordingly.

 Images: Number of 5-HT-immunostained cells in dorsal raphe nucleus in control group and VPA-exposed group (A) and total number of 5-HT-positive cells (B). Data are expressed as mean ± S.E.M… anti-5-HT antiserum (at 1:3000 dilution for 4 h at 37 °C) (Neuromics Antibodies, Northfield, MA, USA)… doi:10.1016/j.neures.2006.10.018

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
5HT (Serotonin)GT20079Goat IgGH; M; RIHC100 ul$305
5HT (Serotonin) -High TiterRA20080Rabbit IgGM; RIHC100 ul$305
5HT (Serotonin) TransporterRA24330Rabbit IgGRIHC; WB100 ul$399
ABCA1MO13101Mouse IgGH; M; RWB100 ul$275
APPRA18003Rabbit IgGH; M; Pr; RIHC; WB100 ul$330
APP 228MO20015Mouse IgGHIHC100 ul$175
APP Peptide #3CH23028Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC100 ul$125
APP Peptide #4CH23029Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC100 ul$125
APP Peptide #5CH23030Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC100 ul$125
BDNFCH15000Chicken IgYH; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Bcl-2GT15194Goat IgGH; MIHC; WB; IP100 ug$375
GABA A receptor, pi subunitRA30047Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB; E50 ug$560
GABA B Receptor1RA20003Rabbit IgGH; RIHC100 ul$245
GABA B Receptor2GT15009Goat IgGRICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Glycine ReceptorRA15025Rat IgGH; RIHC; WB200 ug$385
mGluR1CH23023Chicken IgYH; MIHC100 ul$125
mGluR2CH23024Chicken IgYH; MIHC100 ul$125
mGluR3CH23025Chicken IgYH; MIHC100 ul$125
mGluR5CH23026Chicken IgYH; MIHC100 ul$125
HGFGT15204Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E; NB100 ug$365
IL-2MO15069Mouse IgGHIHC500 ug
100 ug
IL-2 (Rat)GT15155Goat IgGRIHC; WB100 ug$365
NT-4 (human)GT15001Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
SMC1MO15108Mouse IgMH; M; Pr; RIHC; WB; FC; E100 ug$255
Otx2GT15095Goat IgGH; ME; ICC; WB100 ug$375
Otx2MO15039Mouse IgGHICC; IHC; WB100 ug$255
OxytocinRA24604Rabbit IgGRIHC100 ul$310
pan Akt/KinaseBMO15107Mouse IgGH; M; RIHC; WB; FC; E100 ug$255
Semaphorin 5AGT41026Goat IgGHIHC100 ug
100 ug Blocking Peptide
Somatostatin Receptor-1-SSTR1RA25004Rabbit IgGH; M; RICC; IHC100 ul$255
Somatostatin Receptor-2-SSTR2MO15109Mouse IgGHICC; IHC; FC100 ug$255
Somatostatin Receptor-2-SSTR2RA25005Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ul$255
Synaptotagmin 1MO15099Mouse IgGCh; H; M; RIHC; WB; IP100 ug$255
SynaptophysinMO20000Mouse IgGH; RIHC; WB100 ul$175
TGF beta 1MO15106Mouse IgGH; M; Pr; RIHC; WB; FC; E500 ug$325
TNF alphaGT15113Goat IgGMICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
mGluR1/5MO50004Mouse IgGH; M; RbICC; IHC; WB100 ul$405
mGluR2/3RA13102Rabbit IgGM; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul
20 ug blocking peptide
mGluR3RA13103Rabbit IgGRIHC; WB100 ul$215
mGluR5RA16100Rabbit IgGH; M; RICC; IHC; WB50 ug
100 ug Blocking Peptide
mGluR5bRA13106Rabbit IgGM; RWB100 ul$215