Cytokine Antibody Arrays Designed for Immune/Infllammatory Response, Autoimmune/Denegenrative Disease Stem Cell & Cancer Research

Our C-Series Inflammatory Factors Array Kits give you the ablility to rapidly and accurately identify the expression profiles of multiple inflammation related proteins in several hours inexpensively. These kits provide a simple array format, and highly sensitive approach to simultaneously detect  up to 50+ protein expression levels from conditioned media, patient’s sera, cell lysate, tissue lysates and other sources. Comparison of Antibody Array Platforms.

Images: Representative cytokine profile of PHK16-0b keratinocytes infected with dermatophyte species. PHK16-0b cells (1×106 cells per dish) were infected for 24 h with A. benhamiae AB1 or T. tonsurans TT1 at an m.o.i. of 1. Levels of cytokines released from keratinocytes were analysed by using the Human Inflammation Antibody Array. (a) The cytokine array image was obtained by a 15 min exposure of membrane to X-ray film. Each cytokine is represented by duplicate spots in the following locations: A1–2 and B1–2, positive control; C1–2 and D1–2, negative control; E1–2, eotaxin; F1–2, eotaxin-2; G1–2, G-CSF; H1–2, GM-CSF; I1–2, ICAM-1; J1–2, IFN-γ; K1–2, I-309; L1–2, IL-1α; A3–4, IL-1β; B3–4, IL-2; C3–4, IL-3; D3–4, IL-4; E3–4, IL-6; F3–4, IL-6sR; G3–4, IL-7; H3–4, IL-8; I3–4, IL-10; J3–4, IL-11; K3–4, IL-12p40; L3–4, IL-12p70; A5–6, IL-13; B5–6, IL-15; C5–6, IL-16; D5–6, IL-17; E5–6, IP-10; F5–6, MCP-1; G5–6, MCP-2; H5–6, M-CSF; I5–6, MIG; J5–6, MIP-1α; K5–6, MIP-1β; L5–6, MIP-1γ; A7–8, RANTES; B7–8, TGF-β; C7–8, TNF-α; D7–8, TNF-β; E7–8, sTNFRI; F7–8, sTNFRII; G7–8, PDGF-BB; H7–8, TIMP-2; I7–8 and J7–8, blank; K7–8, negative control; L7–8, positive control. (b) The average net signal intensity of each pair of cytokine spots was determined on the basis of the greyscale levels using Scanalyse software..

Traditionally, cytokines are detected by using ELISA. However, RayBiotech’s approach has several advantages over ELISA. First, and most importantly, our approach can detect many cytokines simultaneously. Secondly, sensitivity is greatly increased. As little as 4 pg/ml of MCP-1 can be detected using the protein array format. In contrast, at least 40 pg/ml of MCP-1 is required to produce a clear signal in an ELISA assay. Furthermore, the detection range is much greater than ELISA. For example, the detection range of IL-2 varies from 25 to 250,000 pg/ml using RayBiotech technology, whereas the detection range varies only within 100-1000 fold in a typical ELISA.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
C-Series Infammatory Response Array 2-4AAH-INF-2-4Membrane-Based ArrayHE20 Cytokines-4 Sample Kit$489
C-Series Infammatory Response Array 2-8AAH-INF-2-8Membrane-Based ArrayHE20 Cytokines-8 Sample Kit$729
C-Series Infammatory Response Array 3-4AAH-INF-3-4Membrane-Based ArrayHE40 Cytokines-4 Sample Kit$489
C-Series Infammatory Response Array 3-8AAH-INF-3-8Membrane-Based ArrayHE40 Cytokines-8 Sample Kit$909