Apoptosis Research is a core activity in the labs of many of our customers. In addition to its importance as a biological phenomenon, defective apoptotic processes have been implicated in an extensive variety of diseases. Excessive apoptosis causes hypotrophy, such as in ischemic damage, whereas an insufficient amount results in uncontrolled cell proliferation, such as cancer.

Image:  Cathepsin D staining in Rat Cortex. Courtesy of Dr. Inga Kadish, University of Image Courtesy of Dr.Inga Kadish, University of Alabama-Birmingham. 

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
14-3-3 gamma (HS23)MO25012Mouse IgGB; Ch; H; M; R; ZeWB100 ul$285
14-3-3 gamma (KC21)MO25013Mouse IgGHWB100 ul$285
4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE)GT19004Goat IgGHWB100 ul$295
5-Hydroxymethyluridine (5-HmdU)GT19005Goat IgGHE100 ul$295
ARCRA15042Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ug$365
pan Akt/KinaseBMO15107Mouse IgGH; M; RIHC; WB; FC; E100 ug$255
BADRA30007Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC50 ug$425
BADRA15050Rabbit IgGHWB100 ug$295
BAXRA30008Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$425
Bcl-2GT15194Goat IgGH; MIHC; WB; IP100 ug$375
Bcl-10RA25031Rabbit IgGHWB100 ul$285
Bcl-wGT15196Goat IgGH; MIHC100 ug$365
C-Reactive Protein (Human)GT15084Sheep IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
C-Reactive Protein (Mouse)GT15090Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
C-Reactive Protein (Rat)MO15033Mouse IgGRIHC; WB; E100 ug$225
C-Reactive Protein (Rat)GT15086Goat IgGRIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Casein Kinase 1 alphaCH22109Chicken IgYHICC; IF; WB100 ul$245
CARD8RA30062Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$395
CARD9RA30063Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$395
Caspase-3GT15044Goat IgGHWB; IP100 ug$345
Caspase-3, activeRA15046Rabbit IgGH; MICC; IHC50 ug$255
Caspase-7MO25036Mouse IgGH; M; RWB100 ul$275
Caspase-9GT15045Goat IgGHICC; IHC; WB50 ul
100 ul
Caspase-10/b-Flice 2RA15047Rabbit IgGH; MWB100 ug$275
Caspase-12RA15048Rabbit IgGM; RWB100 ug$315
Cathepsin B (Human)GT15046Goat IgGHWB; E100 ug$365
Cathepsin B (Mouse)GT15047Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Cathepsin DGT15042Goat IgGMIHC; WB; IP100 ug$365
Cathepsin FMO15096Mouse IgGHIHC; WB; IP; E500 ug$325
Cathepsin GMO20021Mouse IgGHIHC; WB100 ul$125
Cathepsin L (Human)GT15048Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E50 ug
100 ug
Cathepsin L (Mouse)GT15049Goat IgGME; IHC; WB100 ug$365
Cathepsin OGT15197Goat IgGHIHC; WB; IP; E100 ug$365
Cathepsin SGT15198Goat IgGHIHC; WB; IP; E100 ug$365
Cathepsin VGT15199Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Cellular Apoptosis Susceptibility Protein
Clusterin/Apo JGT15117Goat IgGMIHC; WB; IP; E100 ug$365
Dinitrophenol (DNP)GT19002Goat IgGB; Ca; H; M; P; Pr; RWB100 ul$295
EndostatinGT15068Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Factor Inhibiting HIF-1/FIHRA25046Rabbit IgGM; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul$385
FAS (CD95)MO15010Mouse IgGHIHC; WB500 ug
100 ug
50 ug
FAS Ligand (CD95L)RA30043Mouse IgGM; RIHC; WB50 ug$365
FAS Ligand (CD95L)GT15226Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E; NB50 ug$365
GAPDHMO25038Mouse IgMB; Ch; H; M; P; RIHC; WB100 ul$285
HSP60 (D307)RA18029Rabbit IgGH; M; Pr; RIF; IHC; WB; FC100 ul$325
HSP60 (D85)RA18030Rabbit IgGH; M; Pr; RIF; IHC; WB; FC100 ul$325
HSPA9B (mitochondrial Hsp70)RA30024Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB100 ul$365
LaforinGT41023Goat IgGHIHC; WB100 ug
100 ug Blocking Peptide
LivinGT15195Goat IgGH; RWB100 ug$365
Mitofusion 2/MFN2RA26001Rabbit IgGH; M; R; RbIHC; WB100 ul$375
Nop30/Apoptosis Repressor with CARDRA14126Rabbit IgGHICC; WB50 ul$95
Neurotensin Receptor 3 (NTS3)/SortilinGT15237Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E; NB100 ug$365
Omi/HtrA2MO15078Mouse IgGHIHC; WB100 ug$255
PARCRA30040Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB; E50 ug$425
PERPRA30041Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$425
PTEN-induced kinase/PINK1RA19013Rabbit IgGH; MIHC; WB100 ul$199
PUMARA19056Rabbit IgGMWB100 ul$245
SOD2MO15122Mouse IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ug$265
SMAD1GT15219Goat IgGH; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
SMAD3RA30033Rabbit IgGB; Ch; H; M; P; RIHC; WB; E50 ug$365
SMAD5GT15192Goat IgGH; M; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
SurvivinRA19022Rabbit IgGH; M; RWB100 ug$225
alpha SynucleinMO15053Mouse IgGHWB; E500 ug
100 ug
TLR2/CD282RA30054Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$365
TLR2/CD282GT15234Goat IgGHWB; FC100 ug$365
TNF alphaGT15113Goat IgGMICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TRAILGT15060Goat IgGHICC; WB; E50 ug
100 ug
TRAIL R1/CD261GT15061Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TRAIL R3/CD263GT15062Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E50 ug
100 ug
TRAIL R4/CD264GT15063Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TROY/TNFRSF19GT15223Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TROY/TNFRSF19, BiotinylatedGT15332BGoat IgGMIHC; WB; E50 ug$385
VDAC1/Porin1RA30034Rabbit IgGH; RIF; IHC; WB; E50 ug$365
WWOXRA19025Rabbit IgGH; MICC; WB; IP100 ug$250
XIAP Associated Factor-1RA30009Rabbit IgGHIHC; WB50 ug$425