Silica nano-beads has a superparamagnetic Fe3O4 core and hydroxyl outer surface modified with SiO2. It features with -low non-specific adsorption by the optimized size of the microspheres, the thickness of SiO2 layer and -SiOH density. All these features lead to highly pure and effective isolation and purification of nucleic acids including DNA, RNA from E Coli, blood, cells and viruses.

A. SEM photo of Si-Mag Beads
B. PCR products purified from Agarose gel
C. Genomic DNA extracted from E. coli
D. Genomic DNA extracted form whole blood
E. Total RNA extracted from HEK293 cells
F. Scheme of DNA/RNA extraction using Si-Mag beads.

Si-Mag series superparamagnetic silica nano-beads have different sizes range from 80nm to 3 µm to gain diverse binding of small to large DNA molecules. superparamagnetic Fe3O4 as core, low-density silicon modified hydroxy (-SiOH), and a further high specific surface area of the material, making them than conventional magnetic SiO2 microspheres having more excellent nucleic acid binding properties.

Kit Name

Catalog #


Typical Sample

Typical Yield

Agarose Gel DNA

Tissue and Cell Genomic DNA 




DNA extraction and purification from Agarose gel

Cell/Tissue total RNA extraction and purification

Gel Product (100 bp to 50 kb)

Cells (2x107) or tissue (100 mg)

85-95% recovery or up to 10 ug

25-50 ug of total RNA

Genomic DNA


Genomic DNA extraction/purification from blood, cell, tissue, plant, microorganism

Whole blood (200-600 ul) or E Coli (5 ml)

5-20 ug of genomic DNA



DNA extraction and purification from PCR products

PCR Product (100 bp to 50 kb)

85-95% recovery or up to 10 ug

Plasmid DNA


Plasmid DND extraction and purification

Plasmid from E. Coli culture (2-5 ml)

5-20 ug of plasmid DNA

Virus DNA


Viral DNA extraction and purification

Viral DNA sample (200 ul to 600 ul)

20 ng - 1 ug of viral DNA

NameCatalog #TypeApplicationsSizePrice
Agarose Gel DNA Extraction and PurificationEP10010KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$189
Tissue and Cell Extraction and PurificationEP10011KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$449
Genomic DNA Extraction and PurificationEP10012KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$349
PCR DNA Extraction and PurificationEP10013KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$189
Plasmid DNA Extraction and PurificationEP10014KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$219
Virus DNA extraction and purificationEP10015KitDNA Extraction/Purification100 Tests$349
Si-Mag MagnetEP10016DNA Extraction/Purification1 Magnet Rack$395