i-Bright Plus Brightens Your Day!

i-BRITE Plus is a glycerol based liquid. It can be used to stain cells and can be easily added to wells. It also will not shrink tissue. In addition standard to IHC/IF applications, it can be used to visualize GFP transfections and more.

Images: High-magnification confocal images of double-labeling immunofluorescence for HA-δ and FLAG-μ opioid receptors. HEK-293 cells stably expressing both HA-δ and FLAG-μ opioid receptors are shown labeled for μ (A, green fluorescence) and for δ (B, red fluorescence). DAPI (blue fluorescence) has been used to stain the nuclei. DOI: 10.1021/cn9000236

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i-BRITE PlusSF40000-10KitNot Applicable10 ml$149