The Human Brain Tissue (Blocks, Lysates and Slides)-New section contains the following topics
NameCatalog #TypeApplicationsSizePrice
Cerebral MedullaTB19000Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
CerebellumTB19001Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
Frontal LobeTB19002Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
Temporal LobeTB19003Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
Parietal LobeTB19004Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
Occipital LobeTB19005Tissue Block0.1 gm$225
Cerebral MedullaTB19006Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
CerebellumTB19007Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
Frontal LobeTB19008Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
Temporal LobeTB19010Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
Parietal LobeTB19011Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
Occipital LobeTB19012Kit, 5 Slides5 Slides$245
Hippocampal LysatesTB19013Lysate.1 mg$190