3-D Assay Solutions-Make Your Results Come Alive

Our Collagel Hydrogels, Nanofibers, AlphaMAX3D, AlphaGEL3D and related extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins can take your cell based assays to the next level. They give you the capabilities to develop 3-D structures and ECMs that more closely mimic in vivo environments. Our comphrenesive listing should address most requirements. This includes structures designed to closely represent the actual biological environment of interest.-Images: A) AlphaMAX3D assay environment.B) stem/progenitor cells isolated from human primary breast tissue and cultured on random nanofibers C)human stem cells grown on aligned nanofibers. D) human stem cells grown on flat plastic.

These cultures promote better cell growth, differentiation and migration and designed to work with many cell types including:  stem cells, cancer cells, progenitors, neurons, glia, astrocytes, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes. 3-D cell assay aplications include the study of cellular functionality, morphology, protein/gene expression and drug interaction/toxicology in vitro.

3D vs 2D Cell Based Assays

  • lipsoidal cells around 10-30 um thick.
  • Have nearly 100% of their surface exposed to other cells in matrix.
  • Higher expansion rate and better control of differentiation.
  • Flat cells around 10 um thick.
  • Only 50% exposed to fluid and small percentage to other cells.
  • Poor behavioral response
  • Nanofibers, Hydrogels and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Proteins

    Collagel Hydrogels-New
    Formulated using Type 1 Bovine, Human or Rat Collagen
    3-D Nanofiber Solutions
    Aligned Scaffolds, Randomly Oriented Scaffolds and Interactive Microenvironment System (IMEMS).
    Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Proteins
    ECM proteins for cell culturing
    Type I Rat Tendon Collagen
    Collagen from Rat Tendon