e18 Primary Cortical Rat Neurons and Essen Biosciences' Kinetic NeurotrackTMusing IncuCyte ZOOMTM.

Providing tools that insure excellent Cell Based Assays is a cornerstone of our business strategy. Lauren McGillicuddy and her team at Essen Biosciences have been using our E18 Primary Rat Cortical Neurons to generate Kinetic NeuroTrackTM Assays using IncuCyte ZOOMTM.


Images:  Neurite outgrowth of rat E18 cortical neurons in a 96-well microplate at 24, 48 and 120 hours. top: 20x HD phase image of primary neurons  bottom: Image segmentation of neurites (light blue) and cell body cluster (raspberry).

The proof is in the results and these show both the potency of the cells and the powerful capablities of the cells player hardware and software which include:
  • Label-free, kinetic quantification of neurite dynamics (initiation, branching, extension, retraction).
  • Automated image acquisition and integrated analysis software facilitate accurate neurite detection and data analysis.
  • Multiplexed assay capability for parallel monitoring of HD phase and multi-color fluorescent images using the IncuCyte ZOOMTM.
  • Compatible with multiple neuronal cell types (cell lines and primary cells).

Images: Neurite outgrowth of rat E18 cortical neurons in a 96-well microplate. Left: 20x HD phase image of primary neurons, 96 hours post plating ; Middle: Image segmentation of neurites (yellow) and cell body cluster (raspberry); Right: Concentration and time dependent inhibition of neurite outgrowth with the protein kinase C inhibitor, Ro-31-8220 (mean ± SD; n=6 per condition).

Kinetic quantification of neurite dynamics animation (initiation, branching, extension, retraction).