Energize your Discovery by Reducing Tedious Micro-dissection and Culturing-Ready to Grow Primary Astrocytes!

  • Freshly isolated healthy - not frozen
  • Ready to use - your primary culture up and running within 1 hour.

    Image: Astrocyteglial Cell Culture

    Testimonial: "We are currently growing them up and experimenting with passaging protocols. The astrocytes seem to be very healthy and we were very pleased with your kit. Admittedly, when we purchased the astrocyte kit we were skeptical that we would get anything out of them, but you proved us wrong." Dr. Robert Caudle, University of Florida, caudle@ufl.edu.

     Need Adult Rat Astrocytes? Qtys of 4 (or more) for $995. To order call brett @ 866-350-1500 or e-mail: brett@neuromics.com

     General Protocol for Astrocytes  and FAQs.

    NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
    Cortical Astroglial CellsPC36108Primary CellsRCell AssaysCortical Pair from E18 Rat$225
    Hippocampal Astroglial CellsPC36109Primary CellsRCell AssaysHippocampal Pair from E18 Rat$225
    Dr. SpinMP30004Small Centrifuge$325