Featuring our STEMEZ(TM) hNP1 Human Neural Progenitors Discovery Kit. These are differentiated past the point of requiring feeder cells or expensive feeder free systems.  You simply plate the cells and start your experiments without the burden associated with maintaining and growing stem cells.

In addition, we now offer quality ready-to-use cryopreserved  E18 Rat Neurosphere Tissue complete with optimized base medium for growth and lineage commitment. Just thaw and plate these unique cells generated from E18 fetal rat brain in the format you need for a tissue-like mixture of in vitro stem/progenitor cells, neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.

Image: Neural Stem Cells in culture showing Nestin (Red) and GFAP (green) staining 

Includes Neural Progenitors, media and expansion/differentiation kits

Rat Neurosphere Neuroprogenitor Tissue
Tissue provided live, unseparated, fresh from E18 rat cortex/hippocampus including subventricular zone.
Neural Stem Cells Media
Expansion/Differentiation Kits
SC to Oligodendrocytes and Dopaminergic Neurons Kits