Peptides are efficient tools for in vitro stimulation of antigen-specific CD8 T cells. 

Our peptides are synthesized as single peptides as presented by the MHC class I allele.

  • peptides of 9-10 amino acids
  • purity > 80 %
  • endotoxin free
NameCatalog #TypeApplicationsSizePrice
NY-ESO-1 peptide6-7013-901Peptide1 mg$105
CMV pp65 peptide6-7001-901Peptide1 mg$105
Ovalbumin peptide6-7015-901Peptide1 mg$105
Influenza M peptide6-7003-901Peptide1 mg$105
MART-1 peptide6-7007-901Peptide1 mg$105
WT1 peptide6-7019-901Peptide1 mg$105
LCMV gp33 peptide6-7016-901Peptide1 mg$105
EBV BMLF-1 peptide6-7002-901Peptide1 mg$105
CAP1 peptide6-7036-901Peptide1 mg$105
HIV p24-Gag peptide6-7071-901Peptide1 mg$105