Energize your Discovery by Reducing Tedious Micro-dissection and Culturing!-Ready to Grow Primary Neurons! 

  • Freshly isolated healthy neurons - not frozen
  • Ready to use - your primary culture up and running within 1 hour
  • Widely used and frequently published

Image:  hippocampal neurons

Important Note: The number of viable neurons can be greatly enhanced by incubating with Papain (Worthington Catalog#: LS003118) at a concentration of 2mgs/ml in Hibernate E - Ca (all orders contain 5 milliliters of Hibernate - Ca). Use of Trypsin instead of Papain is not recommended

General Protocol for Primary Neurons and FAQs-Please note there is more specific protocol information via the datasheets linked to each product. See also Primary Neurons Customer Data and Publications.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
AmygdalaPC35120Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Amygdala$225
CerebellumPC35103Primary CellsRCell AssaysMin. of 4 Cerebellum$645
Combined Hippocampus, Cortex, and VentricularPC35109Primary CellsRCell AssaysCombined Neurons$215
CortexPC35102Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Cortical Pair$215
DRGsPC35115Primary CellsRCell Assays10 DRGs$695
Endothelium ReticulumPC35121Primary CellsCell AssaysEndothelium Reticulum$225
HippocampusPC35101Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Hippocampal pair$215
Hippocampus-E20PC35108Primary CellsRCell Assays4 Hippocampal pairs$895
HypothalamusPC35104Primary CellsRCell AssaysHypothalamus pair$215
Mid-brainPC35107Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Midbrain$215
Prefrontal CortexPC35124Primary CellsRCell AssaysPrefrontal Cortex$225
Spinal CordPC35106Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Spinal cord$215
StriatumPC35105Primary CellsRCell Assays1 Striata pair$215
Substantia NigraPC35125Primary CellsRCell AssaysSubstantia Nigra$225
Thalamic Reticulated NucleusPC35126Primary CellsRCell AssaysThalamic Reticulated Nucleus$225
ThalamusPC35127Primary CellsRCell AssaysThalamus$225
Olfactory BulbPC35123Primary CellsRCell AssaysOlfactory Bulb$225