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Type: Protein
Species Reactivity: H
B=Bovine; Ca=Cat; Ch=Chicken; D=Dog; EQ=Equine; GP=Guinea Pig; H=Human; M=Mouse; P=Porcine; Pr=Primate; R=Rat; Rb=Rabbit; Y=Yeast; Xe=Xenopus; Ze=Zebrafish; ; ; ; NA-Not Applicable; STP=Step-Tactin Proteins; All

Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-154-basic (rHu bFGF-154) is a single-chain polypeptide growth factor that plays a significant role in the process of wound healing and is a potent inducer of angiogenesis. The growth factor is an extremely potent inducer of DNA synthesis in a variety of cell types from mesoderm and neuroectoderm lineages. It was originally named basic fibroblast growth factor based upon its chemical properties and to distinguish it from acidic fibroblast growth factor. rHu bFGF-154 produced in E. coli is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain that contains 154 amino acids and has a molecular mass of 17.2 kDa.

rHu bFGF-154 is fully biologically active when compared to a standard. The ED50, measured in a mitogenic assay using quiescent NR6R-3T3 fibroblasts was found to be less than 0.1 ng/ml.