Penetratin™ Technology Overview
Patented Cell Penetrating Peptide

Neuromics has partnered with MP Biomedical, manufacturer of Penetratin™ 1, to offer this peptide to our customers because of its ability to deliver small molecules into Neurons.  A recent paper published by Carol Troy and colleagues demonstrate a very high transfection efficiency for Penetratin 1 in primary neurons and corresponding knockdown of proteins targeted.

Thomas J. Davidson, Sivan Harel, Valerie A. Arboleda, Giselle F. Prunell, Michael L. Shelanski, Lloyd A. Greene, and Carol M. Troy (2004). Highly efficient small interfering RNA delivery to primary mammalian neurons induces MicroRNA-like effects before mRNA degradation. J Neurosci. 24, 10040-6.


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Penetratin 1CP51101500 ugs$759