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Type: Cationic Lipid

i-FectTM is a novel cationic lipid formulation specifically designed for efficient delivery of siRNAs (small interfering RNAs) into a wide variety of cell types.  Customers have been using i-Fect for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

Kit Contents

  • Hydrated i-Fect ™ Lipid
  • siRNA Diluent

Figure:  siRNA-mediated suppression of target gene expression in Schwann cells. A, Detergent extracts of siNeg- or siGly1-transfected Schwann cells were digested with heparitinase and subjected to immunoblot analysis with anti-glypican-1 antibodies (top); aliquots of undigested extracts were immunoblotted with anti-actin antibodies (bottom) to verify equal sample loading. B, Cell surface expression of glypican-1 was assessed by immunofluorescent staining of transfected cells 48 h after transfection using anti-glypican-1 antibodies (green) and DAPI (4',6'-diamidino-2-phenylindole) to stain nuclei (red). C, Schwann cells were transfected with siNeg or si alpha4(V), and conditioned media and cell lysates were harvested 48 h later (left) or at the indicated times after transfection (right); aliquots of medium (top) or cell lysates (bottom) were subjected to immunoblot analysis and stained with anti-alpha4(V) collagen (top) or anti-actin (bottom) antibodies.

Check out customer publications referencing the delivery of siRNA, shRNA and miRNA to cell cultures and the CNS in vivo (via intrathecal, epidural and intraventricular injection). Genes studied include: ABCA, ASIC, β-arrestin, CAV1.2, CX3CR1, DOR, ELOVL4, IKBKAP, K+-ATPase, KV1.1, KV9.1 ,The β3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase, NTS1, NAV1.8, NTS1, NOV, Raf-1, RANK, SNSR1, hTert, NOV, Survivin, TLR4, Troy and TRPV1.


For High Throughput in vitro applications use: i-Fect ™ Hi Put 96-New

Other Reagents to Consider: