i-Fect ™ has proven to be an effective tool for delivering siRNA and DsiRNA in vitro and in vivo. These capablities are confirmed in a growing list of Publications referencing i-Fect.

i-Fect  Hi-Put 96 provides a convenient high-throughput format for optimizing transfection conditions and performing siRNA transfection in 96-well plates. All wells (except those in Column 12) contain a predetermined amount of the i-Fect  siRNA Transfection Reagent, a cationic lipid based reagent that has been extensively screened in many mammalian cell lines in order to achieve:

  • Optimal dilutions for high percentage delivery of siRNA
  • Functional gene silencing post siRNA delivery.
  • Compatibility with diverse growth conditions (with and without serum).
  • Low cytotoxicity.

Image: 96 well plate showing initial dilution series for optimizing siRNA delivery. 

Important News Behind the Potency of 27mer DsiRNAs vs 21mer siRNA


NameCatalog #TypeApplicationsSizePrice
96 Well Dilution SeriesPL30001Cationic Lipid96 Well Tritration Plate
4X96 Well Tritration Plate
96 Well (High)PL30002Cationic Lipid96 Well Plate-High
4X96 Well Plate-High
96 Well (Low)PL30003Cationic Lipid96 Well Plate (Low)
4X96 Well Plate (Low)
siRNA-intactSI35100RNAse Inhibitor100 units in 100 ul$199