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Type: Cationic Lipid

p-Fect provides the following advantages and benefits: 

  • New, unique formulation
  • Highest transfection efficiency for many different cell lines:
    •  Hela, HeLa-S3, COS-1, COS-7, Hep-G2, NIH-3T3, P19-PC-12, RAW267.4 and more!
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • Simple, fast and straightforward protocol

Image: RAW267.4 cells (a murine macrophage cell line) were grown to 60% confluency. The following mixture was then used for transfection: a pGeneGrip vector that encodes GFP and is labeled with rhodamine (8 ug), DNA diluent A (168 ul), and GenePORTER 2 transfection reagent (40ul). Twenty four hours post transfecton, cells were examined using fluorescence microscopy. Panel A shows about 80% of the cells were transfected with the pGeneGrip vector. Panel B shows that about 50% of the cells were positive in GFP expression.

Please note:

  • pn-Fect™-delivers plasmids to primary Neurons.
  •  i-Fect ™ is designed for delivering siRNA and DsiRNA to Primary Cells.

Image: Examples of p-Fect transfection in different cell types.