Potent Cells and Media=Better Cultures/Lower Costs
  • Cells are differentiated from human MSCs-Competitive to IPSCs since there is no reprogramming nor epigenetic issues intrinsic to IPSCs
  • Cost-effective due to manufacturing scalability Direct purchase without licensing requirement Highly experienced team with extensive technical and biopharma partnership experience.
  • Cell therapy application as well as discovery.

Testimonial: “We tested the effects of MSCGroTM defined medium using several different lots of human adult primary stem cells and found that MSCGro supports a more robust proliferation rate than normal undefined media. This provided shorter doubling times and increased cellular yield, and maintained the cells in an undifferentiated state. We also found that MSCGro medium is stable under normal laboratory conditions for an extended time period compared to other defined media.” Ben Buehrer, VP and CSO, Zen-Bio