Best of Cell Based Assay Solutions/Publications

In this newletter we feature select "best of the best" from 2014 regarding our Cell Based Assay Solutions. We would like to thank our partners, collaborators and friends for their excellent work.
New Products
1) Motor Neurons Kits-GFP Labeled-Potent and Easy to Culture Mouse Motor Neurons-Intro. Special-only $299/1,000,000 cells. Check out the Video of  Mouse Motor Neurons in Action!

2) Stressed Selected Stem Cells-They Survive to Thrive

Stress Selected Stem Cells

Images: (A) Clusters of stress-selected cells are positive for SSEA-3, a pluripotency marker. Following blockage of non-specific binding, cultures were incubated with a Alexa Fluor-conjugated SSEA-3 monoclonal antibody (MC-631-AF 488; BioVision, catalog number 3068-25T) at 10 ml/ml overnight. (B)SSEA-3 positive cells within cell clusters together with propidium iodide. Red cells are non-viable. SSEA-3 is specific to embryonic stem cells; MSCs were negative for SSEA-3.

3) ELISA Kits and Antibody Arrays-High Performance Single, Multiplexed Arrays and Single Target ELISAs

2014 Publications-Another record year for pubs referencing Neuromics's Solutions-Thank you!
1) Neurite Outgrowth Assays-featured several of our Neuron Markers: Serena Quarta, Bastian E. Baeumer, Nadja Scherbakov1, Manfred Andratsch, Stefan Rose-John, Georg Dechant3, Christine E. Bandtlow, and Michaela Kress: Peripheral Nerve Regeneration and NGF-Dependent Neurite Outgrowth of Adult Sensory Neurons Converge on STAT3 Phosphorylation Downstream of Neuropoietic Cytokine Receptor gp130. The Journal of Neuroscience, 24 September 2014, 34(39): 13222-13233; doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1209-13.2014.
2) Gene Expression Analysis-Y. Xiang, T. Liu, H. Yang, F. Gao, H. Xiang, A. Manyande, Y. Tian and X. Tian. NRG1-ErbB signalling promotes microglia activation contributing to incision-induced mechanical allodynia. Article first published online: 27 AUG 2014. DOI: 10.1002/ejp.590. © 2014 European Pain Federation - EFIC®...The targeting or scramble control siRNA was mixed with transfection reagent i-Fect™ (Neuromics, Minneapolis, MN, USA) in a ratio of 1:5 (W : V) (Luo et al., 2005; Chen et al., 2010) at a final concentration of 0.4 μg/μL right prior to it injection (2 μg, twice a day in a 12-h interval)....
3) 3-D Cell Based Assay Solutions-Thuy V. Nguyen,Marianne Sleiman,Timothy Moriarty,William G. Herrick,Shelly R. Peyton. Sorafenib resistance and JNK signaling in carcinoma during extracellular matrix stiffening. Publication: Biomaterials. Elsevier. 13 April 2014. were defined as either “basement membrane” composed of 46% human collagen IV (Neuromics, Edina, MN), 46% human fibronectin (EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA), and 8% mouse laminin...

3-D Cell Based Assays

Figure: High-throughput biomaterial platform for drug screening. (A) The high-throughput platform consists of a black-walled, glass bottom plate, with PEG-PC gels cast in each of the inner 6x10 wells. (B) Gels can be functionalized with any protein or peptide of interest, and they support the adhesion and growth of carcinoma cells. We used this platform to test carcinoma cell response to a kinase inhibitor (sorafenib) as a function of underlying gel stiffness and ECM adhesive protein cocktail. (C) A representative graph of SkBr3 proliferation (y-axis) in response to sorafenib (x-axis) across a range of gel stiffness (colors) demonstrates the IC-50 calculation.

We wish you a strong finish to 2014.

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