October 2015 Newletter

Save on Cells/Brain Adventure

This month we want to make it easier to buy and try our Primary Human and Rat Cells.

Figure: IVSWT-mediated HUVEC vasculogenesis. (A) Overview of the treatment setup for stimulation of EC/ASC co-cultures in fibrin. (B) Fluorescent images of non-treated versus treated LEC and HUVEC networks on day 7. (C) Quantifications of HUVEC networks. IVSWT increased the number of junctions, tubules and the total tubule length. The mean tubule length was decreased. P-values: *** ≤0.01, ** ≤0.1, * ≤0.5. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114806.g002.

 We have two #brainadventure 100 USD winners for September.
 Caffeine Brain
Image: Neuromics' Brain discovers the benefits caffeine for Neuroscience Research Excellence, Courtesy of the Pike Lab @ USC.
Enter to Win 100 USD for October 500 USD Visa Gift Card Grand Prize. Take a fun and creative picture or short video of the Neuromics’ Brain key chain and post it along with the hashtag #brainadventure to Neuromics’ social media sites such as TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. Competitive hint:  the more entries you post the higher the odds of victory!

We wish you a productive October filled with new and exciting discoveries.

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