September 2015 Newletter

Are you ready to go on a #brainadventure? Enter for a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card. Take a fun and creative picture or short video of the Neuromics’ Brain key chain and post it along with the hashtag #brainadventure to Neuromics’ social media sites such as TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


Brain can be either in physical form or virtual form. By posting a picture to Neuromics’ social media, you are entered in a monthly drawing starting at the end September to win $100 Visa Gift Card and for the grand prize drawing of $500 Visa Gift Card held at the end of February. Contest runs for 6 months with a $100 awarded at the end of each month

Save on Human Endothelial Cells!
Arterial, Microvascular, Vein & Umbilical Cord Derived + Culture Media
HUVECs=199 USD/500,000 cells
HBMEC=650 USD/500,00 cells
Image: Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells in Culture.

We wish you a productive September filled with new and exciting discoveries.

Pete Shuster-Owner and CEO, or 612-801-1007

Rose Ludescher-Manager of Customer or 866-350-1500