July 2015 Newletter

Outgrowth & Tox Assays

Our Stem and Primary Cell Offerings continue to grow. We choose our primary and stem cells based on lot to lot consistency and their ability to meet the many unique applications of researchers. This month I am pleased to announce:

July Only-Save 100 USD on our hN2™ Human Neurons Discovery Kit (only 545 for 1,000,000 cells)  and New Human Cardiomyocytes (olny 445 USD for 500,000 cells).
Neurite Outgrowth/Tox Assay: In conjunction with Molecular Devices' ImageeXpress HCI platform, hN2™ differentiated neuronal cells can be used to evaluate potential toxic effects of test compounds on neurite outgrowth through visualizing cells stained with β-lll tubulin.
 Neurite Outgrowth/Tox Assay
Figure: Dose response curves for the effect of neurotoxic agents on neurite outgrowth. hN2™ cells were cultured in the presence of cytotoxic compounds for 72h, stained for β-lll tubulin, imaged with the ImageeXpress and analyzed for neurite outgrowth.

New Human Cardiomyocytes
 New Cardiomyocytes
Image: Human Cardiomyocyte culture.

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