April 2015 News

Introducing Cell Based Biosensors!

Neuromics and Aruna Biomedical are strategic selling partners. The purpose of this partnership is to execute our vision of shaping cell-based biosensor assays to meet your unique needs.

We now, together, have the ability to provide you best in class cells (related pubs) and other solutions required for your Neuroscience Biosensor Assays. Here are our solutions categories!


We can extend this concept to our hMSC and hCAF assays as well. Here's an example of a Tox Assay.
We strive to earn your business every day by being reponsive with both our delivery and support. Here are what customers are saying about our ability to serve you. see: Testimonials.

We excitement and sucess in all your discovery/research activities.

Pete Shuster-
CEO&Owner--pshuster@neuromics.com or 612-801-1007