August 2016 Newsletter

This month we continue with our promotion of "hard to find", potent primary cells by offering savings on some of the hardest to find. All these options are thouroughly tested and many have worked well in the hands of our customers. In fact, there are increasingly being used by Biotechs and Biopharmas for drug discovery.

Human Breast CAFs-1,579 USD/1,000,000 Cells-Save 2,000 USD (Through August 31st)

 Primary Human Large Intestine
Need hard to find human cells? Please contact me directly or 612-801-1007. We can together determine your needs and desired outcomes and provide a statement of work with pricing, project milestones and delivery.

We wish you a productive August filled with new and exciting discoveries.

Pete Shuster-Owner and CEO, or 612-801-1007

Rose Ludescher-Manager of Customer or 866-350-1500