March 2017 Newsletter

Culture Proven FBS only 349 USD/500 ml.-Risk free test.
We are pleased with the feedback we are receiving for our FBS. It is proving to be most robust for primary cells. If it isn't equivalent with or better than your existing  FBS, we will refund 100% of your purchase.
Human Melanoma Cancer Associated Fibroblasts
We are pleased to announce this new CAF addition to our Primary Human and Stem Cell Offerings.
 Melanoma CAFs
Image: Human Melanoma Cancer Associate Fibroblasts are isolated from malignant melanoma and cryopreserved at a low passage. These cells expand in VitroPlus III Low serum, complete medium (Cat# PC00B1) and have high passage capabilities. 
DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification
Silica nano-beads has a superparamagnetic Fe3O4 core and hydroxyl outer surface modified with SiO2. It features with -low non-specific adsorption by optimized size of the microspheres, the thickness of SiO2 layer and -SiOH density. All these features lead to highly pure and effective isolation and purification for nucleic acids including DNA, RNA from E Coli, blood, cells and viruses.
Need hard to find human cells? Please contact me directly or 612-801-1007. We can together determine your needs and desired outcomes and provide a statement of work with pricing, project milestones and delivery.

We wish you new and exciting discoveries.

Pete Shuster-Owner and CEO, or 612-801-1007
Rose Ludescher-Manager of Customer or 866-350-1500