September 2017 Newsletter

Reward is a 50 USD Amazon Gift Card

Our call for FBS related Data last month was successful.

Next month, we are launching a new website. We would like to populate it with data generated using Neuromics' solutions. Just e-mail your data to Rose Ludescher, Manager of Customer Satisfaction, and she will email back a 50 USD Amazon Gift Card.

Customer Data Trifecta-Our CAFS+Media Supplemented with our FBS
Image: Human CAFS-Pancreatic Stellates cultured in MSCGro™ supplemented with Neuromics' FBS - Fetal Bovine Serum. Courtesy of Emily Rodela, TGEN.

We wish you new and exciting discoveries

Rose Ludescher, Manager of Customer Satisfaction,  or 866-350-1500

Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, or 612-801-1007.