We are investing heavily in our Cell Based Assay Solutions. We are pleased to introduce the most in vivo like 3-D Cell/Tissue Based Assays available today.

Other new additions to this category include:Motor Neurons-GFP Labeled, NeuroNet Pure Human Neurons Discovery and HTS Kits, hAstroPro Human Astrocyte+Astroglial-Neurons Co-Culturing KitsCancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) and Cells and Human Endothelial Cells.

Image: Mixed neuron-glial cultures stained with Mouse Monoclonal GFAP, and Chicken Polyclonal Neurofilament-NF-L (green). The GFAP antibody stains the network of astrocytes in these cultures, while the NF-L antibody stains neurons and their processes. The blue channel shows the localization of DNA. This antibody also works on formalin fixed paraffin embedded brain tissues. Protocol on Datasheet.

Our Neuron, Neuronal Progenitor, Astrocytes, Glial , Oligodendrocyte and Schwann Cell Markers are widely used and frequently published.

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