E. Aubrey Woodroof, PhD, MBA, Richard P. Phipps, PhD, John E. Greenwood, MD, William Hickerson, MD, and David Herndon, MD. The Search for an Ideal Temporary Skin Substitute: AWBAT Plus, a Combination Product Wound Dressing Medical Device. ePlasty, 1937-5719, Volume 10, Open Science Company, LLC. September 15, 2010.

...Human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), derived from human cord blood, were purchased as a viable culture (Vitro Biopharma, Golden, CO) and were maintained in low serum mesenchymal stem cell culture medium without antibiotics or antimycotic. To test the growth on the AWBAT-S Plus (nylon mesh side up) 5.0 × 105 MSC were plated onto the material in the bottom of a 24 well plate. A small amount of sterile vacuum grease was applied to the bottom of the dish to keep the AWBAT Plus adhered to the plate bottom. Cell growth was monitored for up to 10 days at which point the AWBAT Plus-Cell complex was transferred, nylon mesh side up, to a glass bottom, 24 well plate and images captured...

Xiufang Guo, Severo Spradling, Maria Stancescu, Stephen Lambert, James J. Hickman. Derivation of sensory neurons and neural crest stem cells from human neural progenitor hNP1. Biomaterials, In Press, Corrected Proof,Mar 2013.doi:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2013.02.061...hNP1, were obtained from Neuromics (Edina, Minnesota)...


Neuronal progenitors from feeder-free human embryonic stem cell culture.

Inventor: Stice, et al.
Date Issued: May 12, 2009
Application: 11/243,819
Filed: October 5, 2005
Inventors: Stice; Steve (Athens, GA)
Shin; Soojung (Baltimore, MD)
Dhara; Sujoy (Athens, GA)
Assignee: University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (Athens, GA)

Includes use of Nestin antibody