hMSCs Capabilties:

  • Suitable for a variety of basic research and drug discovery studies of self-renewal and differentiation.
  • Expandable through 12+ passages (~ 50 population doublings) and maintain strong growth with slowly decreasing growth rates at later passages.
  • Can be differentiated into chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts under appropriate culture conditions

MSCGroTM growth and differentiation media competitive advantages:

  • MSC growth rate/cell recovery  Lonza, InVitrogen, Stem Cell Technologies, ScienCell & ZenBio media.
  • MSC quality/potency (Lumenesc™). Lonza, InVitrogen and Stem Cell Technologies media.
  • Vastly improved real time stability. Medium function unaffected by freezing.
  • Out-performs competitors at both reduced & ambient O2 Supports self-renewal of human, rat & mouse MSCs
  • Also supports primary cultures: fibroblasts (human & rat); rat cardiomyocytes & possibly hepatocytes
  • Provided complete & ready to use as is.
UBC Drevived hMSC and Media Presentation(pdf - 1.2M)
Capabilties and Competitive Advantages