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The Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity resin provides 2 to 3 times higher binding capacity for strep-tag proteins than standard Strep-Tactin® Superflow® and therefore, higher yields of highly pure Strep-tag® protein.

Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity is used for purification of recombinant Strep-tag® proteins under gravity flow and low pressure or FPLC . Bulk resin is recommended for packing of our columns and cartridges since the resin is optimized for column affinity chromatography rather than for batch purification.

Binding capacity: 1 ml sedimented resin (corresponding to 2 ml of a 50 % suspension) is useful for the one-step purification of 150 to 500 nmol or 3 -15 mg recombinant protein.


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