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Catalog Number: 2-6001-001
Type: Primary Cells
Storage: Cryo Storage System at -140 to - 196°C
Shipping: Dry Ice
Format A: Frozen
Species Reactivity: Mammalian
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MEXi-293E cells are human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells derived from the 293 cell line and used for propagation of plasmids and expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. The cell line expresses the EBNA-1 protein for episomal replication of oriP-harboring plasmids. The cell line is adapted for growth in suspension and for use with the MEXi mammalian expression system.

Further available components of the MEXi system are a variety of pDSG expression vectors (#5-52XX-001), MEXi-CM culture medium (#2-6010-010) and MEXi-TM transfection medium (#2-6011-010).

Supporting Products
NameCatalog #Size
MEXi-CM2-6010-0101000 ml
MEXi-TM2-6011-0101000 ml