• 5HT2C receptor

    A) Staining of transfected HEK cells using our 5HT2C antibody. (B) Detection of antibody by Western Blot.

    The HEK 203 cells were transfected with Flag human tagged 5HT2C receptor and WB was done with immunoprecipitation of the receptor with Flag ab, then using 5HT2C receptor ab for WB with 1: 1000 dilution in 5% skim milk. For IHC, we used GFP-tagged human 5HT2C in HEK 293 cells, with 5HT2C receptor antibody (1 : 250 dilution as red staining for 5HT2C receptor).

  • 5HT2A

    Frontal cortical neuron cultures (p1 pups, day 4 culture stained-Neuromicsantibody: 5-HT2AR at 1:100 48 hours. MAP2 Ab: 1:20,000, 24 h. Details in Schmid, Raehal, and Bohn; 2008; PNAS.