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Catalog Number: BSV-COV
Format A: liquid
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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001 - 500 ml - Provided as 2 x 250 ml$450.00Add to Cart
002 - 10 L - Provided as 40 x 250 ml$7,300.00Add to Cart

MagBead Viral RNA Lysis Buffer is intended for the isolation and purification of total nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from biological specimens for performance evaluation in vitro diagnostic procedures.

BioServUK MagBead Viral RNA Lysis Buffer is designed for:

• Nasopharyngeal swab samples

• Lysis of DTT pre-treated sputum samples which had been spun down to pellets before adding the RNA Lysis buffer

• Stabilization of nucleic acids with lysates

• Nucleic acid purification using magnetic beads

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