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Catalog Number: CGH320
Applications: 3-D Cell Cultures
Type: Hydrogel
Storage: Keep frozen at -20°C.
Shipping: Frozen (Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen)
Format A: liquid
Format B: liquid
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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Easy to Use 3-D Cell Culturing Environment: Step 1: Thaw your CollaGel Hydrogel Soft solution-->Step 2: Add your cell suspensions-->Step 3: Gel in 15 minutes at room temp.

You will be able to get really nice adipogenesis with MSCs using our CollaGel Hydrogel. For cell/tissue applications that require a less rigid or a more porous matrix, try our CollaGel Hydrogel Soft products. 

CollaGel Hydrogel is a biocompatible complex of Type I Collagen fibers that will help accelerate the pace of your biomedical and cell/3Dtissue engineering applications. This CollaGel Hydrogel contains our high quality, sterile Type I Rat Tendons Collagen which has been specially formulated for ease of gel formation. Once in a 3D tissue model, the CollaGel Hydrogel will not break or tear apart easily when stretched. CollaGel Hydrogel can also be flow able, allowing it to be readily used as an injectable, biocompatible drug delivery matrix on animal models.

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Primary hepatocyte culture in 3D model using our CollaGel Hydrogel.

Primary hepatocyte culture in 3D model using our CollaGel Hydrogel.