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Catalog Number: EP10012
Applications: DNA Extraction/Purification
Type: Kit
Storage: Mixed storage temperatures. Magnetic beads & proteinase K stored at 2-8°C, with other reagents stored at room temperature.
Shipping: Refrigerated (polar packs)
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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100 Tests$384.00Add to Cart

This kit is suitable for the extraction of DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood treated with anticoagulant. The special Red Blood Cell lysis solution can efficiently extract DNA from the blood cells. The purified DNA has a typical ratio of the OD260/280 between 1.7 to 1.9, and the recovered DNA size can be up to 60 kb. The resulting product can be used directly as a template for PCR, hybridization, etc.
The kit will work with a 48 well round bottom plate if a special magnetic frame is used. The kit can also be used with a variety of automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments or workstation


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