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MitoPT™ reagent is based on a fluorescent cationic dye, commonly known as JC-1. Just culture your cells and add MitoPT™ to the media. MitoPT™ easily penetrates cells and healthy mitochondria, where it aggregates and fluoresces red. As the mitochondrial membrane potential collapses, MitoPT™ is diffused throughout the cell. Once dispersed, the reagent assumes a monomeric form and fluoresces green. This can be read with a fluorescence plate reader, flow cytometer, or fluorescence microscope (Fig. 10). MitoPT™ excites at 488nm, and emits at >590nm.


• Are easy -Just add the reagent directly to the cell culture and incubate.
• Are fast -The reactions start within 15 minutes of addition to the cells,  however we recommend an incubation of 1-4 hours. 
• Do not kill the cells- The reagents may be incubated for several hours without killing the cells.
• Use whole living cells- You can study apoptosis as it occurs in the cell. 
• No lysis or permeabilization steps required -You don’t have to destroy the cell to study it. 
• No antibodies required-It uses a fluorescent chemical.
• Are qualitative and quantitative-Read with a fluorescence plate reader, fluorescence microscope, or flow cytometer.


Jurkat cells are stained with MitoPT™

Jurkat cells are stained with MitoPT™