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Catalog Number: KF17338
Applications: E
Type: Blocking Buffer
Storage: Store at 2°C-8°C.
Shipping: Refrigerated (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
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Neptune Block contains a proprietary non-mammalian formulation based on fish proteins, plus molecular stabilizers that provide a high degree of blocking efficiency. Neptune Block was designed for antigen-down ELISA formats, and for sandwich assays with high background problems.

This formulation is a heterogeneous mixture of small molecules capable of blocking both the nonspecific binding sites of the adsorbed protein, as well as the unoccupied regions of the polystyrene plate that are not sterically accessible to larger traditional mammalian blocking reagents, thereby reducing background noise. The small size of these unique blockers results in minimal steric hindrance to key epitope regions of target coated proteins, thus enhancing specific signal generation.

As Neptune Block contains a non-mammalian protein blocking agent, it is antigenicity foreign to most mammalian immune systems. In antigen-down ELISA formats, this reduces the possibility of false-positives generated from endogenous antibodies in the sample reacting with plate blocking proteins. Neptune Block is particularly useful when working with human, swine, and bovine serum samples, as there is little interaction with the blocking molecules resulting in lower backgrounds 

Recommended Uses:

  •  Antigen-down ELISAs.
  • Sandwich ELISAs with high backgrounds.
  • ELISAs testing human and other mammalian samples



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