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Catalog Number: KF17346
Applications: E
Type: Conjugate Diluent
Storage: Store at 2°C-8°C.
Shipping: Refrigerated (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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CD6 contains a BSA-based mammalian protein additive to stabilize conjugated proteins, and magnesium and calcium salts to stabilize the catalytic site of the HRP porphyrin ring structure.  When diluted to 1x, CD6 is an excellent HRP conjugate diluent and stabilizer base, to which additional  components can be added to for use in your specific assay. At 5x, CD6 is an excellent diluent for stabilizing newly conjugated proteins.  This allows the liquid conjugate stock to be stored, and then later diluted to make a working conjugate for use in the assay. 

Simply add 1 part of 5x CD6 (that has not been diluted to 1x) to 4 parts of the new conjugate solution.   For example, if you just eluted 20 mL of an antibody-HRP conjugate off a column, simply add 5 mL of 5x CD6 to the conjugate solution.  If the conjugate was initially at 10 mg/mL, the stabilized conjugate will now be at 8 mg/mL in 25mL diluent (it's been diluted by 20%).

Antimicrobial agents have been added to retard bacterial growth. When stored unopened and protected from light, a shelf-life of 18 months can be expected at 2°-8°C.


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