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Catalog Number: KF17349
Storage: Store at 2°C-8°C.
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Format A: liquid
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Neptune Assay Diluent for serum and plasma samples has been specially formulated for antigen-down ELISA formats. AD3 contains a non-mammalian protein base designed to minimize nonspecific binding of the sample matrix to "sticky" adsorbed protein antigens. Specially selected detergents have also been added to enhance the specific signal without denaturing immobilized proteins.

This is especially useful when evaluating human, porcine, and bovine serum samples. AD3 also contains proprietary additives designed to inhibit complement and thrombin activity present in serum and plasma samples. Neptune Assay Diluent does not contain any immunoglobulin-based components that could interfere with anti-IgG signal-generating formats. 



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