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Catalog Number: KF17352
Applications: E
Type: Sample Diluent
Storage: Store at 2°C-8°C.
Shipping: Refrigerated (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
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SD1 is formulated for diluting goat, rabbit, mouse, and human sera, as well as cell culture media and mouse ascites fluid.  SD1 can also be used for dilution of mammalian and chicken serum samples in antigen-down ELISA formats.  Hyperimmunized serum samples contain nonspecific IgG antibody that may interfere with the titration. Proprietary additives have been incorporated into this diluent that minimize nonspecific binding interactions of the non specific IgG in the samples, thus decreasing background noise. Dilutions of the antigen standard for use in sandwich ELISA formats have also been carried out using this diluent.

SD1 contains a buffered BSA  protein base to assure a constant pH and solute environment favorable to antibody-antigen interactions.  It also contains an antimicrobial agent to provide a solution free of bacterial contamination.

Use this diluent for:    

  • Serum
  • Ascites
  • Cell culture supernatant samples.  

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