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Catalog Number: MO15029
Applications: WB, IHC, E
Type: Rat IgG
Dilutions: IHC 25ug/ml; WB 1-2 ug/mL; E 0.5-1.0 ug/mL
Immunogen: Recombinant mouse RAGE
Storage: Antibody can be aliquotted and stored frozen at -20° C to -70° C in a manual defrost freezer for six months without detectable loss of activity. The antibody can be stored at 2°- 8° C for 1 month without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shipping: Frozen (Polar Packs)
Format A: Protein G Purified
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Mouse, Rat
Entrez: 177
UniProt: Q15109
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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RAGE (receptor for advanced glycation end products) is a multiligand type I transmembrane glycoprotein belonging to the immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily. RAGE ligands include advanced glycation end products (AGEs), amyloid-beta (A beta) peptide, HMG-1 (also known as Amphoterin), and several members of the S100 protein superfamily. RAGE has potential involvement in several pathological processes including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease (AD), systemic amyloidosis, and tumor growth. RAGE may also mediate several physiological functions such as neuronal outgrowth, survival, and regeneration, and play a part in pro-inflammatory reactions.


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