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Catalog Number: MO15059
Applications: IHC
Type: Mouse IgG
Immunogen: E. coli-derived, recombinant human Oligodendrocyte transcription factor 1 (hOlig1; aa 1 - 272).
Format A: Protein G Purified
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human, Rat
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Olig1 and Olig2, which have been implicated in oligodendrogenesis, are expressed in the region of the ventral ventricular zone of late embryonic spinal cord where oligodendrocyte progenitors appear. Olig3 is transiently expressed in different types of progenitors of embryonic central nervous system and then disappears in the course of development. In adult, expression of Olig3 is primarily detected in neural tissues.

Image: Olig1,2,3 staining in Mouse Fetal Brain Tissue-Sections were stained using Rhodamine Red-conjugated donkey anti-mouse secondary antibody and counterstained using Fluoro Nissl (green).

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